Before the forwarding our devices are all tested and calibrated in our factory . BALOSSI S.R.L. cannot be considered responsible for any subsequent alteration , arbitrarily introduced to the adjustments or to the gaskets.

PLANT AND STARTING: It is necessary to secure that the pressure value of the available air delivery is correct . Theair pressure value must never decrease more then 1 bar during spraying and blowing . Before connecting , all the feed pipes must be carefully cleaned , in order to avoid contamination . On the air pipe , deriving from the main line , a regulating tap must be installed . Between this tap and our device a unit for the lubrication and filtering of the compressed air must be installed . Our device will be consequently connected to this lubrication and filtering unit. MAINTENANCE RULES: In order to avoid expensive stoppages , the client should set up a full store of spare parts and components that are subject to fitting are wear.

PERIODICAL CHECKS: when you use lubricants that are water-soluble , our device must be daily washed through the feed pipes , until the jets can spray clean water. The working of the sprayers and of the jets must be checked , and if necessary adjustment , cleaning or substitution.

PRECAUTINARY MAINTENANNCE: in order to again the maximum safety during the working, a precautionary  maintenance should be made. It consist in changing the sprayers’ gaskets (a full equipment of spare gaskets is available): every 6 months ( if the work is based on only one shift ) ; every 3 months ( if the work is based on two shift ). 

FURTHER INFORMATION: an extreme heat could seriously damage the sprayers’ gaskets . These components cannot exceed 100° C (212 F), even if for a short time. During the preheating of the dies, the sprayers should be protected by a screen or removed from the heated area. When you find out that the lubricant drips or the sprayers and jets stop, the cause is generally found in the untimely substitution or the imperfect assemblage of the gaskets, o-rings. 

Air pipes and lubricant pipes cannot be interchanged; if it happens there is a high possibility of damages and a very accurate cleaning of all the components will be necessary. The use of unfits lubricants may cause sedimentation of solid minute parts in the pipes, in the manifold and in the sprayers. If it is not possible to remove this sedimentation by passing water through the pipes, all the components must be disassembled and carefully cleaned. Secure that dirt or scoriae don’t get mixed whit the product. 

Foreign minute parts are very often the cause of the sprayes’ stopping